Thursday, September 21, 2006

Field of Rockets

This piece was done while I was at university. I won’t be putting much of my uni work up because I prefer to “live in the now” and show you current things. This one however I am particularly proud of. It also feels good to have more than one piece up to get me addicted to pumping out work for this blog…thing.

This painting is done in oil paint on canvas. The subject mater is based on a toy and the landscape around Davis California.

The painting is sold now and hangs in the room of a young lad named Rocket…I think his name is cool.

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Courtney said...

Dave!! How are you?! I'm currently snowed in and was just looking up davis grads to see what everyone's up to and came across your blog- I remember this painting! Your video is the heck did you do that at Davis?! What have you been up to since graduation? Your artwork looks great. Send me an update if you get a chance.