Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My new Game! Atari's Warlords!

Atari's new version of warlords was announced! I led the concept art and look and feel of this game. It was SUPER fun to work on and I got the chance to work with some GREAT people!


These were early exploration Sketches. They're a little shimsham but way fun to make. :^)

These are some preliminary sketches of some dink donk snoots.

These guys were the original, new warlords designs. Pretty stinky if you ask me :D
And these are the warlord doods!

annnnd these are THE SNOOTS!

These are sketches for the Dragon! *__*



lostinarc said...

Thats great....\m/

Evin Wolverton said...

Daaaaaave, you're amazing, and I miss you. Hit me up: evinwolverton@gmail.com

Will said...

I want to see the art!

Will said...

Thanks for the snoots!! This is awesome stuff dude.


Katy Hargrove said...

These are so badass!!!!